The “Worst” That Could Happen to a Pastor


Here’s the worst thing that could happen to a pastor who is faithful yet takes a risk and leads his church and fails.

Thanks for watching.




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  1. Mary Lisenby says:

    Good Message. Our church is doing a whole thing on leadership and where we all can fit in and volunteer! My husband and I will be seeing you on Sunday, September 3rd. We’re so excited to come back out to Steamboat. As I watched this video, seeing you with your mountain bike, you have a lot in common with my son Adamo. I SO pray that your paths will cross. Adamo did tell me that he and his girlfriend Alex will come to church with us that Sunday! YEA!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you again.

    P.S. about your video, sometimes we just don’t realize that God has a better plan for us. We just have to be the clay in the Potter’s hand and let Him mold us. Trust and Obey!


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