Adoption: God’s Love & The Judge


Today we adopted our daughter Alyssa. I was more emotional than I expected. Those of you who know me know I am a pretty emotional guy, but I thought this would be a slam dunk joyous occasion. This morning though as the thought of all we were adopting Alyssa from I was flooded with tears. We are so grateful that God gave us Alyssa.

Speaking of God… Another thought that hit me today was, as much love and emotion as I feel for Alyssa right now, it is nothing compared to the emotion and love God has for you and me, His adopted children. I couldn’t help but to think about the parable of the lost sheep when one sinner repents the angels rejoice in Heaven. Now I understand that rejoicing so much more! God is a profoundly greater lover than me. My father’s heart is a passing imperfect shadow compared to His heart as our Heavenly Father. Even when Alyssa acts like a two year old (cause she is two!) throwing fits, refusing to obey or messing up the house I don’t love her any less. If my love can be this constant then God’s love must be even more constant when we act out (or sin).

Adoption is a wonderful opportunity to practice the gospel. Not everyone is called to adopt. We were and I am so grateful Angie inspired us to stay obedient to the call. Not only is adoption a wonderful opportunity to practice the gospel it is also an opportunity to experience the gospel. These past 555 days have taught me so much about my capacity for love and our God’s never-ending, never-changing, never-giving-up fatherly love for us.

The highlight of today was hearing this from the judge. Even he was emotional! Below is a video of the moment Alyssa became OUR daughter. And the angels rejoiced.



You are loved,



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  1. Sally Ramsay says:

    As I said before, awesomeness!! God is so good and so faithful!! May God continue to richly bless you and your family…all of them!! Congratulations of Alyssa’s adoption!

    1. Julia Shaver says:

      Joyous occasion! God’s blessing on the whole family and congratulations to you all!

  2. faith1ne says:

    Yea Andrew!! I now this has been a long trek and sometimes very trying. But, you and Angie have stayed the course, rested in your faith and now Alyssa is a Werley!! This is wonderful news!!!!



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  3. Paige says:

    This made me teary…beautiful!

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