555 Days of Alyssa


On April 29th we adopted sweet Alyssa Werley. Last night we hosted a Gotcha Party celebrating her adoption. It was a great night. We prepared the slide show below for the party. If you missed it, you can watch the video here. We are so grateful God has entrusted this sweet girl into our care. It’s been a pleasure to watch her grow up. Not only has she changed she has changed us, all for the good.




Thanks for watching, reading and praying.



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  1. Carol Kelly says:

    It was absolute joy to look at the picture history of Alyssa Werley! We had to miss the Gotcha Party, and were disappointed not to share in the celebration but being able to see these pictures was the next best thing. I cannot quit smiling! Looking at her precious smile — sometimes wistful and tentative but mostly full out HAPPY – and even – dare we say mischievous at times? But then – not only HER smiles but all of yours? Obviously, her siblings adore her and you and Angie are totally smitten. And what’s not to love? She is precious indeed. So happy for all of you!

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