God at Work

 I’m in the Northern region (Rioacha) of Colombia on a mission trip to the Wayuu people group. The Wayuu were classified as unreached a few years ago and have recently moved to reach status. But there are still 10’s of 1000’s who have never heard the gospel. 10’s of 1000’s who’ve never heard of Jesus!

Our team has been running VBS for the niños, a medical clinic and construction crews building restrooms and churches. While we are doing all that we share the gospel through translators. 

Today I was asked to baptize a chief of two tribes (who became a Christian a few days ago) in another part of town. Before the baptism the chief asked me share the gospel with the villages he leads. By God’s grace 3 people came to confess Christ as their Savior. That’s awesome! What blows my mind awesome is they had never heard of Jesus before! It has been a dream of mine to share the gospel with people who’ve never heard of Jesus. It was an incredible experience and more difficult than I expected. The Wayuu context is not even remotely close to American. So I had nothing but the gospel to share. I became nervous as I sense the sacredness of the moment. I prayed a lot while I was being translated from English to Spanish to Wa’uu-Nike. In the end the gospel was enough.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to see these kind people come to know Jesus. Every time I share the gospel I am reminded why Jesus entrusted us with telling others about Him. Because every time someone believes the gospel God is at work. Telling others about Jesus is the easiest way to see God at work around you and through you. I am humbled to have been part of His work today.
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